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This Week: Excited for Creator World in Singapore May 8/9. Lots of TikTok, YouTube and much more!

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Description automatically generatedTikTok Ban Should Happen Tuesday: The US divestiture/sale noose tightens around TikTok’s neck. The house passed the reformed bill bundling TikTok in with aid to Israel and Ukraine. Senate leader Fritz Schumer says the Senate will look at it Tuesday, and Biden will sign if it passes. The updated bill gives TikTok a year to divest – more doable than six months and it gives creators more time to adapt as well. Who gains? Savvy creators that move quickly to other platforms, along with YouTube and Meta. Losers include TikTok-focused influencer agencies and brands, creators who stand pat, and other apps from Bytedance and its China peers, including Lemon8, Capcut, Notes – and perhaps even WeChat, Temu and Shein too.

So Much for Double Secret Probation: TikTok will restrict FYP access for creators who repeatedly violate its community guidelines – and will also launch an updated way for creators to check their standing. DoubleT also just released a TikTok Creator Code of Conduct that clarifies the things that can get you banned from FYP, from revshare programs and other “Creator Activities”. Interestingly, one prohibited behavior focuses on excessive solicitation – or manipulation – to drive more diamond gifting. Transparency is good – and stands in contrast to some of YouTube’s capricious and seemingly random bans that have popped up recently. The devil, though, is in the execution – and whether TikTok can truly build a comprehensive and impartial organization to enforce these codes and guidelines. And it all might be too late.

Blame the Messenger? Lots of chatter about Marques Brownlee’s Humane AI Pin review, headline, and description. I’ve been reviewing tech products since 1992 for some of the biggest outlets (ABC, MSNBC, PC Magazine, TechTV) – and on my own. Reviewers are beholden to one thing – their readers/viewers/community. Yes, Brownlee’s audience of 18 million is vast. But that doesn’t mean he has any responsibility to prop up companies that deliver bad products. Read my take here – along with Stratechery’s here. The good news? Even more evidence that creators are eclipsing traditional media, and the world is waking up to their immense – and well deserved — clout in the market.

Meta AI Arrives with A Splash: Lots going on here. First Meta.AI launches. The free web tool includes text prompting and image generation. The image generator falls behind DALL·E 3, Bing Image Creator and Midjourney in quality. To its credit, it does deliver 4 images per prompt like Midjourney and is super-fast. BUT there’s at least one breakthrough feature. Using the “Imagine” function you can type in a narrative – and as you type, Meta AI delivers almost instant images. Type enough and each of those instant images becomes a frame in a movie. To get the movie, simply type “Make a video of all the images that appeared when I typed”. I told a quick tech-bro story here, and then posted my “dog chasing a ball on the moon” standard AI video test on Instagram. Now all we need is AI to interpolate these key-frames into real animations! Check out @Phil Ranta’s review in his weekly “Generative Phil” newsletter too. This is going to be fun to watch – and use.

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CREATOR WORLD! So excited to announce our Creator World lineup in Singapore May 8 and 9.  I’ve been programming the best Creator Economy content, and along with music industry and AI sessions it’s going to be amazing.  See the lineup here and buy your tickets today!  30% off for readers of Inside the Creator Economy – and I will see you there.  Meetup details to come next week! Can’t wait to explore the future of the creator economy with Dylan Harari, Anthony Brown, Ricky Ray Butler, Esther Nguyen, Mohammad Fattal and so many more amazing creators and execs. Plus, there’s a free music festival at night too, check out this lineup!







  • Want to be a successful creator? Dan Mace released an almost 3-hour tutorial about “How I Make MrBeast’s Videos”. It’s a tour-de-force on everything from idea generation to packaging and posting. A must watch.
  • OG Luke Himmelsbach releases “The Professional Creator Handbook”, a free ebook to help you build a creator brand and accelerate your business.


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