Lights, Camera, Terror! Unearthing the Spookiest Scenarios in the Creator Economy!

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Description automatically generatedThe Monster Under Hollywood’s Bed: Hulu founder @Jason Kilar with a longish opinion column in Variety about how traditional TV can save itself. His premise? You either become a big enough streamer with 200+ million global users consuming hours daily (Netflix) – or you band together with others to create that single service. He posits that only Netflix can be the former, while his former company Hulu could become the latter. His analysis is solid, but he ignores the elephant in the room – YouTube. YouTube is clearly building the Netflix-style model – but with millions of global creators layered on top. Perhaps there’s a world where PeaDiWBParDisTeleGloStar and Netflix battle it out. But without creators, neither will win.

Social’s Monstrous Kids Problem: Imagine if companies encouraged kids to smoke cigarettes. Oh yeah, they do. Turns out companies also encourage kids to join social networks – as addictive as nicotine and arguably just as bad. But the world is fighting back. In the US, 41 states just sued Meta claiming it addicted kids to Instagram and Facebook. The UK’s comprehensive Online Safety Bill just became law, forcing social platforms to take more responsibility for content – especially those harmful to kids. Oh, and famously TikTok is not available in China (and India), for similar reasons. The world will no longer ignore the mental health problems that social causes kids. This trend will only accelerate in 2024.

Don’t Fear the (AI) Reaper: That’s the conclusion of Adobe CSO Scott Belsky, in a fascinating post on how AI might twist existing business models. Yes, Tinder might deprecate AI matching algorithms to reduce churn, but his creator economy take (4th and 5th bullet down) is what’s relevant here. He sees an optimization of the core, as AI efficiencies let top creators take more creative risk, and successful long-tail creators grow 100x or more. Money quote: ”We need to value human ingenuity and free up the capacity of creative minds for higher order tasks.“ Amen brother.

YouTube Steps Into Scary Creator Fight: Lots of posts about the SSSniperWolf vs. Jack Films drama last week. Lawyer Tyler Chou unpacks what it all means, and how SSSniperWolf is liable for both criminal and civil penalties. YouTube temporarily demonetized SSSniperWolf, which was smart – but should they have intervened sooner and more strongly? Perhaps, but I’d like to see creators – especially those running million-dollar businesses – act a bit more professionally. Stuff like this gives all creators a bad name.

Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Kick: Four weeks ago, I called streaming platform Kick after two creators live streamed promiscuous acts with a sex-worker in Brisbane Australia – as the CEO smiley-emoted in the comments. The horror continues. The latest: creator Jack Doherty live-streamed his bodyguard sucker punching – and knocking out – another human being. Other Kick superstars celebrated the crime. Non-consensual sex. Assault and battery. What will this platform glorify next? It’s past time for all of us to cancel Kick – and for host country Australia to do the right thing and shut them down.










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