Influencer vs. Creator: The Evolving Role of influence and Creativity

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Description automatically generatedThis Week: It’s the second week of November and here’s what you need to know.

Raging Debate Roils the Creator Economy: Just as UGC evolved from “those kids on YouTube” to creators making videos FOR brands to use, the terms influencer and creator are evolving. Sparked by an Ad Week story titled “Why Does Everyone Hate the Term Influencer”, opinions have bounced around LinkedIn and beyond. Some of the more insightful:

AI Goes To Washington: US President Biden releases an executive order cracking down on AI. It’s pretty generic, lacks some basic protections, favors incumbents, will be hard to impose across borders, and will likely stifle innovation. Most of the regulations will be managed by NIST – the National Institute of Standards and Technology – best known for keeping our Atomic Clocks regular and daylight savings time on track. Interestingly one thing not covered is how copyright laws apply to LLMs, but perhaps the courts will sort that out. Hot takes:

Lipstick On a Pig: Instagram continues to test and roll out a variety of new features. But many users seem non-plussed. Check out the comments when Instagram chief Mosseri teased new ways for friends to collaborate on feeds. Many instead decried the algorithmic changes keeping friends from actually seeing their posts. Perhaps Instagram is teetering on the wrong side of the usage / revenue / happy user nexus.

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