Beyond Frenetic Pacing: Exploring the New Era of YouTube Storytelling

This Week: It’s the last week of October and here’s what you need to know.

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Description automatically generatedThe Reverse Beastification of YouTube: Editing, pacing and packaging is changing on YouTube, according to a new analysis by @Konstanin Kanin. We’ve already explored how YouTube’s new A/B testing features curbed “wide-open pie-hole” thumbnails. But there’s a movement to attenuate frenetic editing too, inspired by @Max Reisinger and the rest of his Creator Camp team. Their goal: reverse the “Beastification of YouTube”. But now even Jimmy Donaldson is on board, as he’s now tapering quick cuts too. The new wave is mainstream, but what’s next? Maybe we’ll all embrace David Dobrik’s 4:20 rubric.

YouTube’s Ad Blocking Whack-A-Mole: YouTube is increasing the heat on ad blockers, threatening to cut off users who block ads. I’m mostly positive, as blocking ads steals money from creators. But there is another side. Users still complain about spammy and scammy ads on the platform, and insist they only blocking for safety and security. I still support YouTube, but Big Red needs to clean house and eliminate malvertising – for the safety of users and for creators too.

Brand Safety is a Chimera: Sure, brands don’t want to show up next to awful content – even more important right now. And TikTok and others are leaning into scoring creators based on their supposed “brand safety”. But long-time industry vet Brian Morrisey talks about the myth of the 25-year-old media planner, and how “words to avoid” lists obscure broader corporate and social missions. The industry of brand safety – he implies – exists because it promotes “the screenshot”. Good read.

Twitter Likely to Adopt Pay-to-Post: Called it! Looks like Twitter will charge $1 a month for non-premium users. I will pay, if only to keep my account active. But how many more will pony up? A quick survey from gambling bonus site “Bonus Finder” (odd, I know), found that nearly 40% of US users would cancel Twitter. That’s less than I thought – and of course price-point pays into it – but a dollar is not *that* much. I hope it’s not any higher.









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