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“Inside the Creator Economy,” is the premier email newsletter for creators, influencers, platforms and business professionals. 


Each newsletter brings readers the latest news, analysis, insights and best practices from the creator community and reaches 22,000 readers each week through email and on LinkedIn.

This weekly newsletter is published every Monday, 51 times a year.

Why Sponsor

Sponsoring the newsletter “Inside the Creator Economy” is a great opportunity for companies to get in front of a highly engaged and influential audience of creators, content makers and the direct to community content industry. The newsletter covers the latest trends and news in the creator economy, giving sponsors the opportunity to reach a targeted group of individuals who are actively involved in creating, sharing and monetizing content online.

Sponsorship of the newsletter also allows companies to align their brand with the growing creator economy, positioning themselves as supportive of and invested in the success of creators. By supporting the newsletter, companies can show their commitment to the creator community and build positive brand associations with this highly influential group.

Overall, sponsoring “Inside the Creator Economy” is a strategic way for companies to reach and engage with a key audience of creators, content makers and industry leaders, and to build a positive brand presence within the creator economy.


The newsletter has: 

  • 19,000 email subscribers on LinkedIn
  • Additional 7,5000 (median) in-feed readers of each issue on LinkedIn
  • About 3,500 impressions of the newsletter cover art and blurb in the LinkedIn feed.


The audience is a cross section of senior and opinion leaders in the creator economy and across traditional media, marketing, technology and social platforms. Top executives from almost every major media outlet, creator economy startup, fund, agency, platform or creator business read Inside the Creator Economy every week.

According to Linkedin.

Top Titles include: Founder, CEO, CIO, CSO, Executive Director, Business Strategist, Corporate Strategist, Salesperson, Marketing Specialist, Business Owner, Programming Director, Content Creator, YouTube Strategist,

Top Companies include: Amazon, TikTok, Walmart, US Army, Jellysmack, Spotter, YouTube, TikTok, Apple, Meta, Havas, Twitch, and many more.


Sponsorship packages

Newsletter sponsorship

Each newsletter has two major sections. The first includes three to five big stories or trends that I will discuss, analyze, and link to – typically with my insight as to what it means or how creators and those in the industry should think about it. Each of these mini essays is typically a paragraph in length.

The second section includes a series of one-line text and links to other major stories of the week, broken up into three sections:

  • General creator economy stories – called Quibis,
  • The intersection of Web3, the Metaverse and creators – called Cryptis
  • Generative AI and how it is/will remake the creator economy – called Genies

This section also typically includes a tip of the week and a link to one or more fun/insightful videos as well.

Each newsletter also has a 1280 x 720 cover image that shows up at the top of each emailed and on-platform delivery, along with the in-feed highlight blurb. That image typically also gets an additional 3,000-5,000 in-feed impressions per issue as well (average 3,600, median 3,300).

Sponsors will receive:

  • A short text message and logo on the cover image – typically “Today’s Issue is Sponsored By: (and a company logo – opportunity to include name of company if it is not part of the logo).
  • A headline and main text message with a max of 60 words / 500 characters
  • Up to two hyperlinks in the main message
  • The sponsorship message will go in between the 3-5 paragraph summaries and the shorter one-line links.

The sponsor section is clearly delineated by a solid line on the top and bottom clearly calling out that it is a sponsor message.

In addition the text, links and art will live on the internet in perpetuity, as the newsletter is also published on my personal blog “Louderback.com”.


There are three options for our 2023 Newsletter sponsorship

  1. $2,000 for a single issue
  2. $6,000 for four issues
  3. $10,000 – four issues plus an on-site speech, session moderation or hosting – plus travel.

This can be an internal meeting, offsite or conference, or a publicly facing event, can include 1 speaking session and 1 session moderation or interview – or 1 day of event hosting. More options available on request.

Availability – Check out this sheet for 2023 availability and more details.

Email or whatsapp for more information, I’m happy to work out a package that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations – jim@louderback.com or +1 650 557 8350.

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