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Instagram running away with cash.  Creators are crying

This Week: Dudeperfect’s biggest trick yet, the end of free AI, a $1M grant program for creators and Google wants to help you make bad videos. And don’t miss my Creator Economy meetup in Las Vegas from 5-6PM Tuesday at The Creator Lab at NAB. Use code CL11 for free tickets!

Hey Instagram, What’s With the Rinky-Dink RevShare: We found out last week that Instagram brings in more ad dollars than YouTube. Yet the cheap app refuses to share more than token amounts – occasionally – with creators. The latest slap in the face? There’s a new temporary bonus scheme, but it features convoluted hoops and strict eligibility. TikTok has 14 ways for creators to make money, YouTube pays out about half of its revenue to creators. Instagram is an embarrassment.

Unicorn Perfect: Dude Perfect’s next big trick – turning themselves into a Unicorn! Congrats on their just closed $100m+ investment round. I’m on record predicting that the next big media companies will come from creators – and now Dude Perfect joins MrBeast and a handful of others flirting with billion-dollar valuations. Far from being an aberration, I expect this to be just the first of many as traditional media fades and creator-led enterprises bloom.

Free Money – Or Marketing Hack? Gigastar launches $1M grant program for creators. They expect 20-40 creators to receive grants between $10k and $50k – no strings attached – between now and the end of next year. Great to see creators getting free money, but it’s also a clever way to connect with even more creators to upsell into its core creator investment business. You can chat with their partnerships team here.

Bye Bye Free AI: Looks like this might be the end of free AI, as Google considers whether to charge for AI searches. As models get more and more expensive to train and run, the gravy train could be coming to an end. Perhaps new ways to build AI models will help, including those from Symbolica and Pattern – but that’s likely a few years away.








TIPS – Hey LinkedIn users, check out your profile view analytics. A new “Interesting Viewers” tab lets you view just LinkedIn Influencers or Senior Leaders in your industry, making it easier to follow or connect with them. HT @Lindsey Gamble and @Matt Navara.

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