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Kids Love YouTube and TikTok: Even as young as 2 years old! 81% of 2–12-year-olds watch YouTube regularly, and 40% watch TikTok. That’s the surprising result of PreciseTV’s latest study of US families. And more than half of toddlers and tweens recall seeing a recent ad on YouTube, 2.5x more than on TikTok. And as YouTube cements its place on the big screen, co-viewing has grown as well, mostly at the expense of paid cable and VOD. Let’s face it – kids are going to watch these platforms. At least parents are getting involved. Their research also found that Roblox is also tops for the 2-12 set too, beating out Lego, PawPatrol, and Disney. YouTube has been relatively effective in providing a safe space for kids – but TikTok still has a lot of work to do.

AI Video is Now Solvable – Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid: Quick, what are the two most popular TV shows in the world? According to Doug Shapiro’s latest must-read analysis, it’s Mr. Beast and CoComelon. And that’s part of why Sora and other AI video models will likely disrupt traditional video in (as I said two weeks ago), 30 months, not 30 years. Read the post and then layer on what I think Shapiro missed – time. We already spend over 11 hours a day consuming media. As AI video seeps into our diet, it will nudge out traditional and creator-led videos to make room.

The Dark Side of TikTok Live: Last December we discussed how TikTok Live grossed nearly $3B in 2023 – primarily through digital gifting. Creators ended up with $1B. It’s not going well for many creators though – and fans. Live’s product design ties into a dangerous dopamine reservoir that can quickly spiral out of control, turning both creators and fans into addicts. Australia was one of Live’s earliest markets – and it’s an ominous foreshadowing of what’s coming globally.

Pay Up or We Own You! Meta’s controversial “Pay us or we own your data” stance is under fire in the EU. LinkedIn’s discussion explores both sides of the issue, but in the end it’s just making de jure what’s already de facto: Meta is in business to make money. Those” free to use services” are expensive to host, and someone’s got to pay. Read more about how I think paid tiers are OK, but Meta’s past behavior is not.

Creator World is ON in Singapore: Really looking forward to exploring the creator economy in Southeast Asia with 2k+ creators, brands, platforms and (because it’s sharing with Music Matters), musicians too! May 8-9 in Singapore, along with a free music festival! Want to speak? DM or email me would love to talk about it.

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I’m a Starlet! Karat launches new “insights” tool to help creators benchmark themselves financially against other creators. Plus, they’ll sort you into one of 8 houses, er, archetypes too. I connected my Instagram account (they don’t support LinkedIn) and my business bank account and it turns out I’m a “starlet”. Nice.









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