Old Media (re)Discovers Creators (Again)

This Week: It’s the third week of October 2023, and here’s what you need to know.

Old Media (re)Discovers Creators: It was 11 years ago when I sold my YouTube MCN Revision3 to Discovery. That started a wave of media/creator mashups, from Disney buying Maker, AT&T gobbling up Full Screen and Viacom buying Awesomeness, WhoSay and VidCon. The cycle begins anew. The Arena Group, owner of Sports Illustrated and The Street just launched a 100-creator strong network designed to complement its traditional journalists. Viacom owner Paramount returns to the table with its new “CBS Sports Creator Studio”, leveraging the remains of WhoSay. And in “turnabout is fair play” mode, Jellysmack leans into older media formats and buys Law&Crime.

The Professionalization of the Creator Economy: Want to build a successful creator business? You’ll need a COO. Want to leverage social video platforms to build a brand? You’ll need a creator. Neither are easy to find. But there’s hope. @Matt Estes is building a network of strong Creator COO candidates – DM him to be included, or to hire your own. @Peter Hollens continues to build out his startup Inhouse Creators, which places creators at brands. And now the broader marketing world sees in-house creators as a win-win too.

AI Adoption Hamstrung by Lack of Education, Fear: Despite 97% of creators using AI, challenges keep it from being widely embraced, according to a new study from Creator Now and Creator Vision. ChatGPT is the overwhelming choice for creators, primarily used for idea generation. Lack of education and quality concerns weigh heavily on those surveyed. Although 2,000 creators were surveyed, the lack of explicit methodology makes this likely directional, not predictive – like other studies covered here in the past.

War Roils the Creator Economy: I typically don’t cover broader news here, but the Hamas attacks in Israel have shaken-up the creator economy. Words fail me as the horrible violence intensifies. Check out Israeli-Palestinian @Nuseir Yassin’s posts, along with those from @Jon Youshei for some context and insight. TikTok continues to grow as a news source, with war-related videos racking up billions of views. Misinformation abounds, unfortunately, with the EU threatening TikTok – along with X and Meta over their ineffective content moderation. Praying for peace, but likely the war and its impact on innocents – and creators — will only intensify.








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