Most Adults Find TikTok’s FYP Just “Meh”

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Creators Join the C-Suite:  Marques Brownlee just invested, joined the board and will serve as Chief Creator Partner of tech accessory company Ridge.  On the one hand I’m excited to see Brownlee expand beyond video.  But on the other hand, it’s concerning.  MKBHD is one of the world’s most trusted technology reviewers.  But now he’s got a conflict that could derail some of the trust he’s built with his viewers.  He’s certainly conflicted when it comes to Ridge competitors.  But what about adjacent products?  Brownlee says he has “a lot of product ideas, and together we’re going to actually make them happen”.  In the last few weeks, he’s reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and the Apple Vision Pro.  But how do we know he’s not developing a mobile phone or a VR headset with Ridge? Highly unlikely, but never say never.  Trust is so hard to build, and so easy to lose.  As a former tech reviewer and editor of PC Magazine, the potential for conflict has me concerned.  It’s a slippery slope when you become what you review.

The Real Meaning Behind Reesa Teesa:  Everyone’s talking about “Who the F Did I Marry” – a powerful 500 minute story playing out across TikTok in 50 chapters.  Lots of pundits have tried to tease meaning out of the moment – in many cases using it to validate their own vision for the creator economy.  But it’s not that simple.  Yes, this could be a sign of our hunger for longer stories – and the demise of short form.  Or perhaps it’s how TikTok will be saved.  But it’s too soon to jump to any conclusions. 

I see it as more of a lightning in a bottle unicorn that will be tough to replicate. Hot Ones was once the future of interview shows – yet it looks like podcasts were the right answer.  Remember “What Does the Fox Say”?  Turned out nothing.  “Who the F” reminds me of Lonely Girl 15 – and “Bree” seems curiously close to “Reesa Teesa”.  She’s certainly cranking up the monetization spigot, going live twice a day and encouraging Cash App donations.  I wonder who – if anyone – is in the back-seat of this show.

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  • From the self-serving data department, Collabstr mines their own internal numbers to predict the future of Influencer Marketing.  Presumably on Collabstr.  Interestingly, at $128B, their global creator economy market size is about half of Goldman Sach’s widely disseminated estimate.  They do reach relative parity around 2030 though.

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