95% Success Rate! 2023 Creator Economy Predictions from Most Accurate Experts

01-03-2023: Welcome to 2023! A few news stories of note below, but 2023 predictions make up the bulk of this issue, as I bring together some of the top thinkers to lay out what THEY think will happen! Let’s jump into it.


11 Predictions from the most accurate expert I know: Mark Anderson of the Strategic News Service newsletter and conference has a 95% success rate since 2006 – and last year hit 98% across China, chips, and battery advances. This year he’s back! His first is aimed squarely at the Creator Economy as he predicts a “MegaFUP” for Meta (FUP = Failure to Understand Potential) – and then laments that Zuckerberg can’t be fired. Other predictions include crypto crapping out and AI’s neural network dead-end. First three are free, but you’ll need a subscription to read the full list. Highly recommended.

Comprehensive Look at Crypto/Blockchain in 2023: It took 200 hours to write and will likely take you some time to get through. But Messari has put together a look at the trends defining everything from Web3 (page 147) to NFTs (page 129), along with Defi, coins, broader themes, people to watch, policy and more. Don’t miss the last section on Media DAOs, this might be how a truly successful modern-day MCN will be built. (HT Brian Zwerner).

The Platformer Rates 2022 and Predicts 2023: I’m a fan of experts who rate their predictions, and Casey Newton did pretty well last year – although he danced around the eventual Twitter dumpster fire. He’s super connected and insightful – and will likely be proven correct. Top picks: Media divorces Twitter and content moderation becomes illegal.

Big Legal Changes in 2023 Creators Need to Know: Tubefilter tackles legal predictions for creators in 2023, focusing on content liability, music licensing developments and an expected update to endorsement guidelines. These predictions – if they all come to pass – will radically change the creator landscape for many.

Microsoft Wants To Own the Couch: That’s one of 11 predictions from Evan Shapiro – aka EShap – who rolls out the media universe maps, predicted the 2022 ad recession and is a true genius in understanding the shifting tides of media.

PLATFORMS PREDICT – Most of the top platforms released their own trend/prediction reports too. Fascinating on their own, the trends also give insight into how each platform sees itself developing in 2023. Here’s what they focused on:



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QUIBIS – yes news still happened while you were sunning, skiing and surfing:

Tip of the Week: Want to review the 4th quarter of 2022? I just pulled together all of my analysis from last quarter into a handy free ebook. It’s a test – download it and let me know what you think! If you like it I’ll keep doing it.


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  • LOLing at CreativeBloq’s top ad fails for 2022, including the new Instagram handle for the Italian division of Volkswagen that went horribly wrong.

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