Top 10 Reasons Why Internet TV Won’t be Like Regular TV

I was lucky enough to be part of a really fun panel at last week’s Ad:Tech, focused on the funniest people on the internet.  Hosted by Kevin Nalts (Nalty), it was a rollicking hour-long look at great emerging web stars.  But to kick it off, we put together a top 10 list, ala David Letterman.  So with apologies to Worldwide Pants, here’s the top 10 list we put together…


10 On TV: 7 Clones of Modern Family…
  On the web we’ve got a Gay Leprechaun
9 On the internet you can actually WAIT until your show is over to go to the bathroom..
  Heck you can actually take the show with you in to the crapper..
8 LOLcats are cuter than Snooki!
7 TV’s best presidential impersonator: Dana Carvey. On the web…. It’s Alphacat!
6 No actual talent required!
5 On the internet we don’t have writers’ strikes… Heck, we don’t even have wrighters!
4 We’re trading grimy old analog dollar bills for shiny new digital dimes!
3 On television, innovation goes through Cable Labs.  On the web its all up to Steve Jobs!
2 On TV when your show’s cancelled it’s over..
  In the internet it lives forever.. And ever.. And ever.. And ever!
1 On TV it’s three men and a baby. On the internet we’ve got 2 girls, one cup


Daisy Whitney April 27, 2010

Brilliant list!

Adam Singolda April 27, 2010

Great list Jim !

Camilla April 27, 2010

“On TV it’s three men and a baby. On the internet we’ve got 2 girls, one cup”

DaveFriedel April 27, 2010

11. Big television studios could never artificially recreate the smell of a Diggnation set.

12. YouTube pulls so many things, there will only be 1 video left there soon.

13. Need a new studios? Heck just use someone’s garage!

14. Network names are better. ABC? NBC?? We have names like Revision3, Joost, Veoh and Babelgum.

15. Startup costs only involve a roll of green screen paper and cell phone camera.

16. You don’t have to pay cable company for TV anymore. Now you just have to pay for ridiculously expensive bandwidth.

17. Live Internet TV with a chat room lets you bitc–er, give feedback to the show hosts.

18. Unlike traditional TV, you may see an Internet television executive sweeping the floors or doing interviews.

19. Internet TV hosts know the business. Seriously, they know how to host, produce, write, clean, paint, run production equipment, get lunch, bring drinks, …

20. Finally, the best thing about Internet Television… HOT GEEK GIRLS. FTW.

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