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 This Week: Keep your eyes open for a special newsletter mid-week recapping a fascinating conversation I had with Patreon’s founder and CEO Jack Conte. It’s the second week of October and here’s what you need to know.

Creators Move Markets: Want to increase your market share? Then increase your google search traffic. Want to increase your Google search traffic? You could pay a fortune to SEO consultants. Or work with more creators. That’s the surprising results of a new study that found 50-86% of all google search volume came from “Earned Media Value” because of creators and influencers. Great post from @Conor Begley exploring the topic with links to studies that go into more detail.

Patreon Rebrands, Broadens Focus: There’s more to Patreon than just tips. The iconic creator monetization company has been expanding and adding new features recently, and now it gets a rebrand, new logo and expanded mission. CEO Jack Conte gave me a preview a week ago, and as he explained, Patreon is “no longer just a membership company”, but a fan company. I like their direction, and the rebrand is cool and adventurous. I’ve heard from many recently hoping to build a suite of tools to help creators build a sustainable career – but I’d bet on Jack and team to become one of the big winners. Look for my special midweek issue for a summary of our conversation last week leading into the rebrand. Verge coverage here.

Here Comes the Private Web: TikTok and Meta join Twitter in exploring an ad-free tier. TikTok is just testing, but Meta is serious. It plans on creating a paid tier for both Instagram and Facebook in response to new European legislation. $14 is way too much but shows you just how valuable you are to the popular platforms. I’ve got a crazy idea. How about we just put ALL the platforms behind a (very small) paywall. It would solve so many problems. I floated the idea in a post and got some smart and thought-provoking responses. Related, Insider explores the move from wide-open social to smaller and more private platforms – along with drowning in a sea of sameness. Related: Meta experiments with a feature letting users prioritize comments from paid/verified accounts – which also diminishes the reach of bots and other spammers.

SPONSOR: Jon Youshaei announces new breakthrough in Gen AI Broll in collaboration with Opus Clip

During his talk on YouTube packaging at VidSummit, Opus Clip Creator Ambassador Jon Youshaei  unveiled a trailblazing new feature for the industry leader in AI content repurposing: AI B-Roll.  Opus Clip’s AI now has the ability to identify topics and keywords from the clips it creates, search through several huge libraries of B-Roll footage, select the best suited options, and then instantly integrate them into your clips. Curious? Get 50% off your first month with Opus Clip using my exclusive link. 








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