Not Today Zurg! – 4 Reasons Why MLB.TV Isn’t Good Enough to Replace Cable Yet

Unlike many of my co-workers, I’m not ready to give up cable – or in this case DirecTV. First, my wife would divorce me – although my son and I could definitely make it work. But even if we’re not ready to join the “rip-cord” generation, I thought I was ready to replace some of those premium services that are also available on the ‘net.

First on my list: the $200 I spend every year on DirecTV’s Extra Innings Baseball package. For the last 8 years it’s been a godsend for this California-based Mets fan – but it’s gotten more expensive each year. I do love seeing 4 or 5 games each week in HD, but I’ve gotten more and more rankled both by the price, and the lack of Saturday games (Fox owns those contests, and they rarely feature east coast teams out here).

MLB.TV has offered live streaming of every baseball game for a few years. I tried it for a month in 2007 when I was in London, and it was passable – small window, jerky action, but better than nothing. Last year they moved to Silverlight and it was useless, so I didn’t even try.

But this year I was intrigued: MLB.TV reverted back to flash, and added in a new HD feature, along with DVR functionality. The DVR and on-demand features are essential to me, as most games start at 4pm while I’m still at work. Unlike many sports fans, I have no problem TiVo-ing a game and watching it a few hours later – I just avoid twitter and the other Mets fans in the office (Hey Ron Richards and Ryan Daume – it’s really nothing personal) when the games are on.

Every game in HD, on-demand, for $110. Could this be the year that I ditched DirecTV’s baseball package, saved $90, and saw EVERY game I wanted, wherever I happened to be? Gosh I sure hoped so.

Two days into the season I had the perfect opportunity to compare one to the other. My DirecTV DVR mysteriously cancelled its scheduled recording of the second game of the season – one I really wanted to watch. So after calling DirecTV and threatening to bolt, I subscribed to a month of the MLB package, with high hopes.

Alas, they were quickly dashed. Four days later I cancelled the MLB service and made up with DirecTV. Although the MLB.TV package is much improved from last year, it’s still not good enough. Here are the four reasons why:


  • Quality: I love HD. I have a 42” and 52” flat screen and HD baseball is simply stunning. Although MLB.TV promises true HD, and I more than the 3 megabits of downstream bandwidth to support it, the quality pales. My Dell 1330 has an HDMI out port, so I was able to compare MLB.TV and HD DirecTV baseball side by side. Even at 12 feet, the MLB.TV picture was noticeably inferior, with blotchy pixilation and poor motion. It was better than an SD stream, but just barely.


  • Consistency: When you’re watching DirecTV, either live or via DVR, it just works. Dropped video and audio glitches happen, but rarely more than once a game, and many (if not most) games are glitch free. Not MLB.TV. Even after I adjusted the quality level way down, I still suffered regular dropped frames, stalled video, and other glitches. At least three times while watching a weekend worth of MLB.TV games – both live and on-demand – the signal just stopped for no good reason. With one game, I was unable to progress past the opening frames of the 8th inning, no matter what I did. For no apparent reason the signal just stopped. I even waited until the next morning to see if I’d be able to see that inning on-demand, but it simply wouldn’t play – a heartbreak, because the Mets scored five runs in that inning, as I later found out, and put the game out of reach.


  • DVR functionality: I don’t think anyone at MLB.TV has ever used a DVR to watch a baseball game. Last year’s Silverlight implementation was dreadful, this year’s is simply bad. With my DirecTV DVR I can fast forward or reverse at four different speeds, and do a 30 second skip or slip forward, along with a 7 second instant-replay style skip backwards. The MLB player has none of these. Instead, you can drag the slider forward towards an approximation of where you want to be, or use the fast forward/rewind button. Those buttons are impossible to accurately control, which is compounded by the fact that MLB replaces the ad breaks between innings with a hideous promotion for the MLB.TV service that its customers have already subscribed to – made painfully worse because it touts features that have yet to be delivered. It’s an instant “buyer’s remorse” reminder, replayed over and over at least 16 times per game.  There’s no 30 second forward skip, no instant-replay, and worst of all, the controls that are implemented can’t be controlled by the standard Windows player buttons found on many notebooks and remote controls. My Dell IR remote was useless, meaning that I had to get up every half inning to fiddle with the controls to try to bypass the inane intermission ads – ultimately unsuccessfully


  • Video On Demand: MLB.TV has one nice feature – if you watch after the game has ended, you can jump directly to any half inning. Alas, MLB even botched that one up. They promise that the on-demand version will be available “soon” after the live stream disappears (which happens immediately after the game is actually over). Their definition of “soon” and mine, apparently, are far different. Midnight on the west coast – five hours after the game ended – is way too long for “soon” to apply.


There’s a lot to like in the MLB.TV package, including access to every game, video and audio from both home and away announcers, and the ability to watch on any PC or notebook. But for this fan, at least, it’s not ready for prime time. It’s close though – I could overlook one of the previous glitches, but all four just make it not worth the money. But since MLB.TV keeps getting better each year, I have high hopes.

Next on my hit list – DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket. $200 for 100 games works out to about $2 a game, or less than a dollar an hour of enjoyment. With Sunday Ticket, I end up spending about $25 a Patriots game, as many of them are on free TV. That’s nearly $10 an hour, so I’m a bit more motivated to find an alternate solution. If I do, you’ll be the first to know.



Ran Beckley April 16, 2009

Completely agree. I, too, have subscribed to MLB’s premium packages for the past few years and was really looking forward to this being the break out year for them. It has been extremely disappointing to date. Even the audio streams that I have tried to listen to have been either been riddled with buffer times or, even in some cases, not a baseball game at all. The video has been basically unwatchable. If you can’t see where the ball is crossing the plate, why watch?

I am hoping they can work out these early glitches, but it doesn’t look promising.

On the bright side, their $9.99 iPhone app has been a pleasant surprise. The audio feeds have worked very well – even over 2G. A few more video clips would be nice, but overall, I’m quite pleased with it.

Thanks for your excellent post and review.

Jim April 17, 2009


Thanks for taking the time to write this. I’ve signed up for the past two years and lived with the glitches. I’m going to sit out a year this time.

Best Regards, Jim

Steve Lettieri April 19, 2009

HDTV was what got me back in to watching baseball a few years back (just in time to see the Red Sox win the world series for the first time in 80 something years!) and having watched HD online, I too am not quite ready to give up cable just yet.

David Churbuck May 3, 2009

Right on. I depend in a big way on MLB streaming when I travel and this week it was utterly useless — first on hotel WIFI and then on ATT WWAN. Lock ups, (audio would maintain), dropped frames. I’d drop the HD, step down the frame rate manually —
and don’t get me started on their dumb blackout detection.

I have big respect for and their multi-channel support (Blackberry app is good and worth the sub) — but the streaming has a way to go.

And thank you for confirming my belief that Silverlight is the player of ASS.

JT May 30, 2009

MBL.TV needs to focus on fixing things that have been broken since it first started. I was a subscriber for 4 years, after last year I canceled as I was unable to watch a single game in 2008 and MLB.TV refused to refund my money. Directv and MLB extra innings is the way to go.

Loban July 5, 2009

Абсолютно согласен с 2ым ответом. Время того стоит…

Dan August 16, 2009

Thank you for writing this. I was thinking about getting mlb extra innings but now i will steer clear and save m money

John September 14, 2009

Has anyone tried watching MLB.TV on their Roku player?

Tom Haggas October 1, 2009

I am a Red Sox fan in Iowa and I’m very disappointed in MLB.TV. Even though I am 200 miles from the nearest ballpark, I cannot watch Twins, White Sox, Cardinals, Royals, Cubs & Brewers. It’s awful. There was a full week, where I got to see one game. You would think that MLB would be able to control the rights to their own content. Next year, I’m benching them.

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Horny Goat January 27, 2010

“I knew I was going to take the wrong train, so I left early.”

“You got to be very careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there.”

R Murray June 16, 2010

Probably the worst programming I have ever tried to watch. I agree with all of the above comments, and will not waste my money next year.
On a scale from 1 to 10 I give it a 1 I wonder if any body from MLB has even watched their program??

Alex July 2, 2010


SHAWN March 15, 2011

It hasn’t gotten any better. The free Spring Training games don’t work for the PS3. I called to get a technical explanation and was told “It doesn’t work and you can cancel if you like”. No wondering MLB is pulling up 4th after football, basketball and soccer! The clowns running MLB couldn’t sell p**** in prison!

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