YouTube Unveils 2023 Priorities As Shorts Monetization Underwhelms, plus TikTok’s Surprising New Feature for Teens

Neal Mohan unveils YouTube's 2023 priorities while Shorts monetization struggles. TikTok rolls out a surprising new feature for teens - time limits - while the US, Canada, UK and the EU ratchet up the pressure. Plus Twitch's unending creator problems, the controversy over paid verification, plus news on Mr. Beast, a call to restrict AI research, surprising crypto facts and much more.

This Week: Neal Mohan reveals YouTube’s creator-centric priorities while Shorts monetization lags. TikTok rolls out time limits for teens while the US, Canada, UK and the EU ratchet up the pressure. Plus Twitch’s never-ending creator problems, the surprising upside of paid verification, a call to restrict AI research and new crypto and consumer research. It’s the first week of March and here’s what you need to know. Oh, and how’s that “in like a lion” working out for you?


  • New YouTube Chief Lays Out Priorities: A few weeks late, but Neal Mohan has laid out YouTube’s 2023 priorities in a blog post. There’s not a lot new – the most important message was Mohan’s strong endorsement of getting creators paid. Mohan did announce new AI tools – about time – although with “guardrails”. I think that means it’ll be a while before we see anything useful.




  • The Upside of Paid Verification: Although many (including me) decried the paid verification initiatives at Twitter and Meta, a few experts see a silver lining. Brendan Gahan sees a lessening of sensationalist clickbait stories and a renewed focus on quality content and user experience. Alex Kantrowitz goes even further, positing that because most platforms are now dominated by professional creators, it’s time for them to pay for the privilege of making money. I think Gahan’s vision is idealistic but unrealistic, while Kantrowitz ignores the paltry creator middle class that will likely pony up for the check. Decide for yourself – both takes are worth reading.







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