Gary Vaynerchuk leads NFT Comeback

Why it’s going to be quiet on the TikTok legislation front (at least from DC), NFTs unlikely resurgence, More on Kids and social media.

A person and person in santa hatsCrypto Is a Kids Best Friend! NFTs are coming to kids TV! Gary Vaynerchuk’s Vee Friends will soon star in an animated series created by CandleTV’s Moonbug Entertainment. Pudgy Penguins have invaded Walmart. What’s next – a Santa Claus themed crypto-wallet for kids? Oh wait, that already sort of exists. Interesting to see that IP born in the gogo crypto days of the past are being smartly extended into physical and traditional media – but primarily for kids. Will they want a Veefriends NFT? Maybe, but few parents are shelling out $3,000 or more for a digital toy. But plushies? Yeah, that works.


Kids Still Love TikTok: I did a deeper dive into the young kids and social we talked about two weeks ago (thanks to the PreciseTV folks for giving me more data). More than a third of 2–5-year-old kids watched TikTok recently, according to the study, growing to half of 10-12 year olds. More than double watched YouTube recently, while half or more of kids in each age grouping played games on a phone or tablet. Luckily 90% of parents co-view at least once a week – but that still leaves a lot of alone time with potentially harmful content. Check out the full report here. And if you want to see the breakout data it’s on my website.

  • RELATED: A horrific child predator network was just discovered, using Roblox and Discord to target and victimize kids – to the point of self-harm and suicide. Roblox, according to PreciseTV’s study, is the top mobile game for kids, preferred by 24% of 2–5-year-olds, growing to 50% of 10–12-year-olds. It’s not just a TikTok problem, and is exactly why TikTok and other platforms need to be reined in. Now.


The Latest on the Impending TikTok Sale or Ban: Everyone’s got an opinion on this deal – even if they haven’t read the bill or don’t understand geopolitics. Including me. The US Senate will likely take a two-week easter break starting Friday – and my DC insider doubts they will do anything until they get back. Expect a lot more bloviating without portfolio until the second week of April. Here’s this week’s roundup:


Show Me the Money: Capital remains the lifeblood of any business. Profits come and go, but without cash to pay bills and employees, businesses wither. @Chris Erwin’s overview of 2024 creator economy funding options reveals who is writing checks and the business models currently in favor. He missed two new community funding options though – GigaStar Market and OverSubscribe. I’ve talked with both recently and remain intrigued by their promise. However, I can’t help saying GigahStahr Mahrket without channeling my inner Southie.


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  • Both Matt Navarra and Lia Haberman are reporting that 15-20 photo carousels are coming to Instagram, so it’s got to be true. What’s next? Crystals and Diamonds?


  • TikTok lowers the threshold for effects creators to get paid, expands regions – and announces that some creators have made up to $50k a month. I’m a fan of this creator initiative – but I asked TikTok how many creators and how much was paid out and they declined to share.
  • Cool new tool on TikTok lets creators search for underserved topics to help inspire videos. Search value is also one of the variables affecting payout in the new “Creators Rewards Program”. Still no response from my question about weights or total payout.






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