11 Top CEO Quotes From Conference Season

top 10There were a lot of great comments at the two conferences, but some of them really stood out. Here are my favorites.

  1. Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes, when asked whether he’s in the market for a broadcast network “This management, at least, doesn’t like to add things that you (meaning institutional investors) would be unhappy with.”
  2. Disney CEO Bob Iger was bullish on local TV stations, even suggesting that he might buy some more: “With newspapers weakening and disappearing, and investment in local radio news, and investment on local TV news decreasing, where you have a strong local news brand in a big market, there is an ability to invest more in local news and grow your bottom line, possibly as a replacement for other programs that cost more money.”
  3. He specifically highlighted New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco, and said Disney is “looking in an optimistic way in that business.” He went on to temper his statement by saying “I won’t suggest that that’s what we’re going to do, but we’re looking at it.“
  4. He also said that “Other than sacrificing quality and integrity everything is on the table”
  5. Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP, talking about how he used to be a Google enemy “(our division) Group M is the largest agency customer of Google, Yahoo, Msn and Baidu. We’re now a more friendly Frenemy of Google.”
  6. Patrick Pichette, Google “We’re just at the beginning of search”
  7. Hilary Schneider from Yahoo – “How do we deliver WOW experiences? It comes from KISS – keep it simple stupid.”
  8. Her soon to be ex co-worker, Blake Jorgensen gave some insight into why he got canned, when talking about new CEO Carol Bartz and her penchant for punctuality: “She does not put up with behaviors that don’t push the organization forward. She’s Intolerant of anyone late to a meeting.”
  9. Ebay CEO – “We were wrong (about skype), it’s not about synergies.” But as he went on to point out, it’s still a $500 million dollar business with double digit margins. He didn’t close the door on selling Skype, but said that running it was “not distracting.”
  10. Ebay CEO “We must improve trust on eBay”
  11. “Satellite Radio!” Greg Maffei, CEO of Liberty Media Corp, response when asked “if you had fresh money to invest today, what media would you be investing in?” – Liberty just plunked down big bucks for Sirius XM.


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