Four Surprising Side-Effects from TikTok’s Search Engine Push, Podcasting Fraud Unmasked and why you can’t ignore Walmart.

10/3/2022: Here’s what’s new and what caught my eye last week

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Four Unexpected Side-effects from TikTok’s Search-Engine Ambitions: So now you can put up 

to 2,200 characters in a TikTok description (up from 300). Why? To make it easier for you to search TikTok for places to e

at, gear to buy, DIY tips and much more. There are at least four unexpected consequences from this move that I can think of (so far).

  • First, don’t expect creators to type in 2,200 characters on their tiny mobile phones, that would take longer than editing the video itself. Production workflow will change.
  • Second, VCs are salivating. Top creator economy investor Connie Chan from a16z explains why video search is so exciting and how China/TikTok/Douyin are leading the way.
  • Third, Google will freak. Big-G just released a much more visual search experience to counter double-Ts ambitions, and you’ll see more Shorts/Goog integrations coming soon.
  • Finally, search optimization will replace thumbnail science as the buzzy new algorithmic-busting tool. VidIQ and Tubebuddy are likely already coding new features, conference organizers are curating TikTok SEO workshops, and a new crop of “experts” will rise to separate creators from their cash while promising AMAZING results.
  • Who will be the king of TikTok SEO? I asked Dall-E 2 to create “A mash up of Danny Sullivan and Derral Eves in a digital art style with a dark post-apocalyptic background” but the results were meh. I put the best one in the LinkedIn comments, but if you can do better, post your own versions too!

Dall-E 2 Now Available to Everyone: The moment I’ve been waiting for is here. Now you can use Dall-E 2 to generate AI-based artwork, along with MidJourney and Stable Diffusion. I’ve obviously been having too much fun with it. But it won’t stop here. Facebook Research just announced new AI tool that generates animation from text – alas, you can’t use it yet. But text, images, video will all be created – or helped along – by AI. And it’s going to keep getting better and better. Smells like disruption time to me.

Walmart, the Creator Economy Innovator: I Love what Walmart is doing. They just opened new experiences in Roblox, and are also creating an innovation ads partnership with TikTok, Snapchat, Firework, TalkShopLive and Roku. They aren’t the only ones shaking up e-commerce. Don’t sleep on PinDuoDuo either. The huge Chinese E-Commerce platform is coming to America and will push everyone to adapt. Wondering where Pinterest is in all this? Mike Shields explains how the platform -which knows intent better than most – completely missed the boat. I don’t think commerce in the west will look exactly like the China model – but changes are coming quick.

Podcasting’s Fraudulent Listener Scam Exposed: Buying viewers is never a good idea (see Ozy Media), and now it looks like podcasters have been using video games to juice download numbers. It’s not the only media industry under fire, connected TVs were recently accused of fraud as well. It’s too bad, because these revelations only serve to diminish the value of the entire industry in the eyes of buyers. Just like in the early days of YouTube, a host of shady companies have sprung up selling podcast listens for as little as a half-cent a view. Just say no to buying listeners, views and subscribers. Make better content – and spend your time on SEO and thumbnails instead.



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