The Crazy Platform Helping Mid-Level Creators Pull Down Six Figures a Week – Plus Old Media Titans vs. Scrappy Underdogs (Again).


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Description automatically generatedThis Week: How to make six figures on Snap, Izea’s surprising study on how much we trust creators, and what to do when your creator career wanes. Plus, Montana bans TikTok, new Reels features and much more. It’s the third week of April 2023 year and here’s you need to know.

Grinding For Crystals: Snap has turned super-lucrative, at least for authenticated creators. I sat in on an eye-popping Rich Greenfield-moderated creator panel (free reg) with Savannah Demers, King Bach and Tati Bruening. Bach said creators can make way more on Snap than YouTube and six figures in a week is not uncommon. It’s all about crystals, added Savannah, the more you post, the more crystals you get. Want more crystals? It’s all about “how good is your clickbait”, she added. Crystals mean money, explained Tati, redeemable for ten cents each. Rich and I will be talking about this and more on stage at VidCon – see you there! And in related news Instagram plans to expand Reels revshare with many more creators “soon”.

Established Media – Embrace or Obstruct? Brian Morrissey with a thoughtful essay on how Barry Diller and other traditional media titans are girding for war against AI and Large Language Models. It’s a familiar story that played out repeatedly during the rise of the creator economy, and typically leads to heartbreak for the courtroom crusaders. Remember when Viacom sued YouTube in 2007 and famously shunned the popular platform until a settlement in 2014. Bad strategic move, as the MTV parent lost an entire generation of kids – and subsequently had to buy Awesomeness and VidCon to rebuild relevance. But that won’t stop the old guard from trying – thus accelerating their slide into irrelevance.

We Trust Creators More Than Celebrities: That’s just one of the surprising conclusions from Izea’s new “Trust in Influencer Marketing” study. Fielded in mid Dec-22, it finds that even older consumers are jumping on the “buy from influencers” bandwagon. Best platforms? Still YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, but TikTok is rising – and GenZ leads the way. Good stuff, but directional, not predictive.

Your Trip is Short: Let’s face it, the creator lifecycle is even shorter than an NFL player. Very few YouTubers from 2010 – for instance – are big now. The shelf-life for TikTokers is even more fleeting. What do you do? One option: work for other creators behind the camera. Or get a job and create for the company too (NYT$). Companies are waking up to the unique value that creators can bring – even training their employees to create on the side. Just make sure you don’t sign your rights away when you take the job.



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Where’s Jim: This week I’m hosting Creator Squared at The Nab Show Monday and Tuesday (Vegas baby) and then speaking at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia Italy on April 22nd. Then hanging out first weekend at Jazzfest NOLA! Hope to see you at one of these awesome events.

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