Take This Algorithm and Shove It!

This Week: Maybe a better TikTok is just 244 days away. A boy can dream, can’t he?

A Ray of Hope in the TikTok Drama: We all know social is broken. Addictive algorithms steal our focus as unhealthy visions cloud our perceptions. But a new TikTok bid attempt from ex-Dodgers owner Frank McCourt could change all that. Built around his ambitious “Project Liberty”, which aims for algorithm interoperability, data ownership and community portability, it could fundamentally rewire the internet as we know it. Let’s be real though – McCourt’s likely tilting at windmills. Even without the algorithm, he’ll have trouble raising enough money and meeting Bytedance’s terms. Even if he can pull it off, TikTok’s users aren’t necessarily known for their patience. But if. If. IF. If he could get it done, our world would be a better place. I’d happily be the Sancho Panza to McCourt’s Quixote – and will eagerly join the crowdfunding. But the realist in me says “fat chance”.

The End of Google Search: Rely on search results for your business? Better find a new avenue for traffic. Launched at I/O, Google’s new vision imagines a future where it delivers answers, not web links. Analysts predict a 25% SEO traffic drop in just two years. But it raises the question: If web publishers can’t make money, who will create the content those answers distill? AI-generated data, of course. And AI summarizing AI is like Mr Hankey eating his own poop. The good news for video creators? AI can’t produce video summaries of other videos. Yet.

YouTube Carbo-Loads TV: If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a TV upfront. And YouTube’s Brandcast was all duck. I’ve been to a few TV upfronts, including Discovery’s 2014 edition where I hung out with Honey BooBoo’s Mom. There’s a well-trodden formula for these advertiser shindigs. Here’s how YouTube played the classic TV upfront script:

All they missed was Mama June.

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