Night at the Opera

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Had a beer tonight with Rocky Barbanica, the video producer/editor behind Robert Scoble’s latest efforts.  We live in the same town, and have been trying to get together at Ash’s Vallemar Station for months.  We finally did

Rocky’s  a real-time guy.  We’ve both been down the color-train with our Bay Area bands, but time, or common-sense has led us towards a more honest occupation.  I’ll never understand his predilection for Harleys – and he’ll probably never understand my feelings for Uhuru, but we still see eye-to-eye on many things.

Most significantly is our shared understanding that video today is different.  It’s not Pacifica Local Access, it’s not Santana at the Greek, it’s not News 4 New York. 

I’ve been particularly impressed with what Rocky has added to Robert Scoble’s repertoire.  Under Rocky’s tutelage, the interviews have become more focused, the visuals crisper, and the overall package more watchable.  OK, you have to *get* Robert.  But if you do, Rocky does a Hewitt on Scoble that I know will only get more organically positive, as the years go by. 

I hope they get the chance.  Today’s tumultuous media landscape has a habit of throwing curves into even the strongest collaborations.  Scoble’s no Murrow – at least not yet — but he’s pretty good at drawing people out.  And Rocky’s pretty darn good at editing, and focusing those interviews in post.

So I hope they continue to develop their partnership.  The biker and the geek.  I think a lot of good things could develop – just like at Barton Hall that night.


Colin Devroe December 29, 2008

I met Rocky in Texas in 2007 and though we only had a few brief conversations we hit it off really well. Geography, more than anything, has probably kept us from keeping in touch.

I would like to add to your commentary on Rocky specifically; I think he’s a hard worker, loves what he does, and is one of those people that everyone likes. That is a killer combination and one so powerful it actually reveals itself through his work.

Robert, on the other hand, is a whole other story. 😉

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