Mr Beast’s 7 Surprising Thumbnail Formats that will Supercharge Your Channel Growth, plus How TikTok Is Making Avatars Mainstream (and changing your internet experience forever).

6/13/2022 – Here’s what’s new and what caught my eye this week:

Avatars and More Come to TikTok: You need a digital persona today – and hopefully one that will transcend services intelligently. And now TikTok has gotten into the avatar game with a bitmoji-like way for you to express yourself. Although cool, it feels a bit two dimensional. Still, I expect my FYP to be full of these over the next few weeks. Fad or sustainable? We’ll have to see. Also, double T added new screen time controls, ostensibly to get you to put your phone down and step into the sunshine. Good intentions, but another feature that I’m skeptical will truly make a difference. Also not sure how I missed this, but TikTok has a neat trending page where you can find out all sorts of cool info about who, what and hashtags on the move.

Creator Economy Layoffs Continue: Jellysmack’s the latest to succumb to economic pressure, laying off 8% of its global workforce and pulling back from its aggressive international expansion. Oddly, even though roughly 80 people were laid off, as of Friday there were still 77 open positions on Jellysmack’s job page. Emerging creator economy startups in India are also under pressure as a global malaise takes hold. Expect more right sizing – although hiring continues at other startups in our space. Oh and Clubhouse laid off a bunch too – but you can’t blame the economy for that one.

CodeMiko and Me Live on Stage: Want to see how animation will be democratized – or maybe just get a peek into your future avatar? You won’t want to miss my crazy interview with Twitch streamer and Vtuber CodeMiko onstage at VidCon next week. She’ll interview me for a few minutes and then we’ll lift the curtain and look at the tech behind the scenes – and the amazing vision behind the upcoming MikoVerse. Could this be animation’s iPhone/YouTube moment? Find out with me – buy your ticket to VidCon today.

Bad Day for Binance as US Feds Crackdown on Crypto, Meme Stocks: Last week we talked about insider trading at OpenSea – a practice that many in the crypto industry call “going to work“. Looks like the SEC is waking up to more, with Binance’s BNB token under the microscope, and a new Reuters expose piling onto bad Binance news. Add in the crackdown on meme stocks and payment for order flow, and it looks like an activist SEC has emerged. Why should creators care? Because heightened scrutiny of tokenized communities, NFT drops and other “valueless” mediums of exchange means aligning objectives now requires aligning your legal team as well. Even if they are classified as commodities instead of securities, the wild west will still be tamed. Maybe we all would be better off just selling physical merch instead.



Programming Spotlight: It’s the age of the multiformat creator! Hear from YouTube’s new Vice President of Americas, Tara Walpert Levy, and YouTubers Rosanna Pansino and Ian Boggs on Fri 6/24 at 12:05 PM (PT) as they talk through the benefits of multiformat and the unique ways businesses are built only on YouTube. Check out the session details here and buy tickets now so you don’t miss it!



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