Creators are Making Coin and Skipping College, TikTok’s Misguided Plan to Rebuilt Trust and Here Comes Honey BigCo!

10-24-2022: Here’s what’s new and what caught my eye last week

Creators Are Making Coin and Skipping College: Adobe just released a fascinating “future of creators” study that leans into monetization. The global study found that about half of what they call “non-professional” creators are monetizing in some way – and half of those say that revenue is the biggest share of their monthly income! The study also explores opinions on the metaverse, whether to create or attend college and much more. Even better, Adobe found that despite rumors of its demise, the creator economy is poised to thrive over the next few years. You can download the full study here – and props to Adobe for including their methodology and margin of error at the top. It appears both believable and actionable.

Big Business Discovers the Creator Economy: It’s been a golden age for creator economy startups over the last few years, and now corporate America has finally discovered it. First up: WalMart (a month ago I told you not to sleep on them). They just announced “Walmart Creator” – a comprehensive affiliate program that’s more liberal and welcoming than Amazon. In addition to making money on product sales, the program aims to be a pipeline for deeper creator/brand partnerships as well. Apply for beta access now! On the financial side, Visa is now targeting the creator economy with financial tools, early payment plans and donation products. Visa will partner with Linktree – among others – to bring these to market quickly. Financial startups – including Creative Juice, Karat and Stir – have significant momentum but now an elephant is barreling towards them. Competition will help these startups build even better products, certainly. Also expect more Fortune 100 companies to move into our space soon – weeding out the weak and buying up the best.

New Services Help Creators Build Their Teams: If you’ve tried to hire freelance editors, producers or others versed in online video, you know it’s not easy. Upwork, Fiverr and other services are difficult to navigate, and traditional services tend to favor TV pros, not online video experts. It’s a problem, and last week I discovered three new startups aiming to fix it. The first, YTJobs.Co is furthest along, focusing on everything from producers to thumbnail designers. Founder Paddy Galloway claims 2,500 users and over 100 job postings. The second, Editorof, is still in stealth. CEO Sherry Wong will focus on gig-style connections between creators and editors, ensuring that all freelancers have experience working with YouTubers. Finally, Insyt is in alpha, and currently focuses on gaming video editors but plans to expand to all social video platforms and a variety of experts. CEO Matt Knight previously built a social video app for Vine editors. All three are presumably raising capital and looking for partners. Maybe it’s just because I’m doing a LOT more video as part of the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator – and struggling to find editor help – but I definitely see a strong need for these platforms.

TikTok CEO Admits Company Needs to Rebuild Trust: Speaking to LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman at a posh exec confab in San Francisco, ex Bytedance COO Shou Chew says the company needs to be consistent and promises technical solutions to rebuild trust between Double-T and non-Chinese countries. I call BS. Consistently dissembling and using black-box AI is not the way to rebuild trust – instead transparency, honesty and separation are the only answers – read my full analysis here. In a related story, ByteDance planned to use TikTok to follow US citizens around.





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