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Jim Louderback has more than 20 years of media and technology experience across print, radio, television, web, social and online video – along with deep technology expertise and startup and venture investing expertise.

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Gary Fearnall August 8, 2022

Hello Jim

Wondering about VidCon 2023 and how I can propose some Panel discussions around MR/.VR/AR – A growing area. Could be in an advertising context or gaming, production. I am on a VRARA committee and work with several MR companies.

I attended this year with Underknown and thought the conference was good thought less attended than in 2019.



Fabian August 30, 2022

The question is when the production in a contextual social affairs setting will you be the whole self of you.

IQ, EQ, SQ, Brainlengths, Personality of Astrology, Numerology, MBTI/Enneagram, Mental Illness, Brainstem, Electronical Reading DATA, Speaking,

tener January 15, 2023

Hello Jim would you like to be part of the greatest movement of the ages? Truly I can explain all of creation in the measurement of a man that changes the boundaries of wisdom and our origins. Wisdom takes mistakes that you must learn from and mistakes made by others and not shared can be a weapon by just holding secrets satan grows his stupid power. Book says jesus was the living wisdom not so much as a word but a name would be very efficient with general relativity e= MC*2 Geneva King – McDow gave me my first bible and upon the first page “the apple of my eye”” “”dec 25 2003” Genesis Revelations 7e7Te7=Mc Dow Mc Tau

TeneR Renet Tree Root Trees and Roots simply have no difference and a secret function to those who think outside the box. All oo words can be studied for uses with very meaninful secrets. The goal here is to show how godlike grace and wisdom is designed. What im showing you is the only and best teaching on how i can change the world. This is taking Einsteins equation and doubling it then stacking on every single dimension humanly possible to teach how important creativity and imagination can be. Im not just at 7 dimensions im at 7 and mirroring them all in the heavens in a alternate universe with a infinite amount of possibilities allowing art to become the most advanced technologys that can work better than any electronic or wc3 or computer science. Your speaking to the son of God and that is no lie. Not just some planned jesus who wants to be more holy than everyone but has no answers of godlike answers to change mankind as the true will prosper and the false sit quietly. Energy is equal to mass time the speed of light squared what is interesting is since the speed of light is the ledge of our reality it can be viewed in simpler terms to morph into other ideas. I spend a lot of time looking up definitions to words because not only can dance together in symphonic type way they can change into completely different letters and completely different words but God showed me his favorite song words like genette outline great ideas like syntax equation like breaking down patters. Einstein’s Morphology A Mozart Symphony. The most sacred creature of all living creatures is the amorphous blue butterfly which are the 4 wings covered in eyes on and around the throne in revelations. Sound and Magic Network Latin is root of all language because of latitudinal North and South poles. The core of the earth has a arc that remains constant as a circle. The core resembles the heart of the earth. The butterfly blue at one angle green at another red at a third and covered in patterns of eyes that could resemble helix nebulas in not just our ionosphere or solar system but unreachable quantum mechanics and leaps to add completely new planetary systems. Get this the core and earth hold same arc as well as rainbows that do the same at moon earth and sun. The rotation around the sun is a oval shape or elipse that creates resistance to the magnetic field at a perfect circle. It would take a lot of time studying distant systems that perhaps we could not even see before. A oval from gravity really limits us to this solar system. Tau is actually a equation that is exactly as einsteins pi however it just uses diameter to equate circumference. When speaking letters D and T are very special as they are almost exactly the same. Magne T rolls at the top of your tounge at the end of words and it just so happens that the North and South poles are the diameter of the planet. magnet laten Latin latten Tau taug-ht me that this random math equation not only can become alined with sound and magnetic frequencies but ive managed to basically take einsteins work the best genius weve ever had and change this into something ten times more complex and important. PE7TCE ☮ 7Te77eYG+= Mc Tau X Mc Dow Gaelic for Son like Sun and also a translation for AM Dow and Tau are just about exact letters and timeline however Bi two the same but different. McDow is a family name of mine becoming sacred with time and learning. Son / AM ABLE is what it translates to Sun AM ABLE is a better way with Son AM ABLE simply because of o son and core of earth vs sun and u shapes in universe. A compass N NE E SE S SW W NW N WOE SON NOS aligned with the magnetic fields show 12 equal pts this is 11 and the 12 th I challenge to solve maybe you can crack the code of 8 pts and 4 words. 😉 Clock has 3 hands at different lengths that constantly rotate. Pi should be taught as if center of sun applys to it rather than a calculator with infinite pointless decimals that the sun does the work job it decimates when getting to a certain pt. Pi has a second letter i like light and numbers or roman numerals can be expressed on clocks with 12 points. Weve came up with Alphabet to Omega there are three stages sacred peace just speaking gods word only sounds 1 vowel at a time so one letter at a time. (second) written word and be read one (minute) word at a time and that is as far as all of mankind has got. Stacking thiese perfectly you can see their ability to and spin with the hands of clock to different dimensions creating a spehere or firmament. F T im amen Lord Compass + Leveler Clock +

Ruler +++ A The most important symbol and tool that has advanced us more than any other information is A lol a protractor that allowed measure of degrees for first time and draw circles. We were able to finally start to understand things we could not before. . Thats the outline so lets color more beauty into the world TeneR ReneT below are only 7 letter gene words G eneva s G ene sis G ener al G enett e G enet ic G ene ses G ener ic Tener is latin verb for TO Have and is the same word they use to teach verb endings in spanish courses no matter where you are. YO tengo Nosotros/as Tenemos Tu tienes Vosotros/as Tenais El Ella Tiene Ellos Tienen Tener ten gotienestiene ten asmosas ten aistienen GO tienstein veinstein osmos XO amos master air

To= Too Tu Two 2 yotuelellaustednosotrosvosotrosellosellasustds R OLL ing my own cigarettes sometimes I get these crazy ideas of RoLLing Stones and what that means. I begin to look at my rolling papers package and R OL L ING your own ciggarettes is something that nobody really has taken advantage of being unique in terms of the shape of the paper lol. Paper is always square and flat and you actually move your mind and your mark is made in a expression that takes a square one dimensional flat object completing the task of rolling it. You cannot RoLL a cigarette past a certain point and mine have no butts.. People smoke 7 days a week. 7D 7T and pi is easy to use whenever it is needed, 7T 70 ROLLing into LO defines as SURPRISE Tener LO TO HAVE SPOKEN= Love HAVE TO LO= HALO These words flip back and forth matching my names such as HALO 70 VAn meter High tower 7owe7 Hans Love 707D ene Lone7 one ALL this derived from something that can be seen as one sylable T THE MAGIC CONTINUES as TENER being a name of a son MC IN LATIN IT is only used as a teaching tool TO have TO love TO able TU TO AT TAO TU @ TAU T@@ TOO 1 at 2 bt 3 ct 4 td 5 et 6 ft 7 tg 8 th 9 ti 10 tj 11 kt 12 lt 13 mt14 nt 15 to 16 pt 17 qt18 tr 19 st 20 tu 21 tv 22 tx 23 ty 24 tz @TOne 7TG 13MT STreets Foot TooL TeneR X-Ray These are the exact measurements needed to become ruler of the kingdom it is also only letter that acronyms into single letters like this. If All of these halfs can become equal to eachother and half ot the equation is T what does that mean about TT 🙂 O ATOM 7 GTO THANK GOD 13th OPHILIUS HOLY MT EVEREST STREETS DETERMINE 144000 FOOT IS THE FINAL PILLARS NEEDED FOR RULER AND TOOLS TO HELP TENER 7ene7 RENET 7ene7 XRAY 7o7ene7 TR Te77est extraterrestrial 7Tene7ene7 is the most powerful thing in the universe The goal 7Tene7ene7 Root Tree Tener Renet OO 2 Foot 1 L evel GLORY TO G 70 RAY G77D 7TXRAY 21 or 12inch christos 30cen time meter old 300 psi 300 iqs 300lbs Http HtheLPIX Line Helix RENET Nebula RENEE BEEN TULIP G hasnt factors of spinning in terms of use however G has a arrow O is a circle and all of the circles God uses are usually containing energy D is a word only used for either Daylight or darkness Dimension death 7 is the most versitile art TR Tree ROOT Pi Tao 21 FT tool level Too ToweR ReveL Rene7 7ene7LeweL Its difficult for me to organize this but one must remember the begining and end of the bible. The begining and current time of my life is impossible for strangers to understand. Genesis is the secret to keeping this infinte 21 because q person reads a book left to right most of the time people will open the book this way but even if they opened it up in the back it is revelations revealing events stacked with genesis and G on genesis is just a distraction to life gene life en life G is the force from everything spinning in a same exact direction that is the the line you must follow in order to understand and gain advantage from. GeForce RTX 30900 Ray Tracing Graphics cards to Glory to gpoles heiroglyphs pyramids atomic matter Glogical coolest part tau diameter latin roots poles Pison good gold gemini allows me to bend rules 7T any constant variables in light times pi if at same centerpoint equal 144000 proving that the center of the universe is not just where im standing but a way for psalms to print a secret new coding to reality that would help us a bunch. this is nuts but please look at my proof. 7 street signs T lol of my real addresses i can show you not only were 144000 but the street names give hints to whats going on. Yeah prints Peace symbol if you think diameter and two radius. Nobody can touch me ithats not a problem its just being happy and getting neceesities getting what was stolen gettiing assistance for what ive done for the world its rouch man. Everyones too righteous and im too idgaf about anything but saving lifes and were facing extinction cause of some stupidit sh one dude stole my entire life flesh of all my family and what do you do about that? cant prove it go to cops and hes one step ahead of me they lock me up. This is more powerful than any heaven and tech and anything the world has ever seen. Im using imaginiation and creativity to mirror 7 dimensions as 14 and thats maxed out and the safe way to do it but this wont happen again for thousands of years and when im gone im gone.

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