The Rise of Digital Clones: A Bold Experiment Transforms Online Stardom

This Week: It’s the second week of and here’s what you need to know.

  • From Creator to Clone: Gaming creator Kwebbelkop is now an IA construct! Jordi Van Den has replaced himself with an IA doppelganger, hoping to maintain the community he built over 15 years – without doing ALL the heavy lifting. Video views on his two AI releases are on par with recent human-powered videos, but we’ll see how it holds up over time. It’s just another (albeit AI) way for creators to extend themselves and their careers, similar to how Ryan’s World hopes to extend the franchise with animation as its star approaches puberty, or how Star Trek animated the end of its first five year mission in 1973 after the TV show was cancelled. The Publish Press has more details on how Kwebbelkop is making it all work. Soon this will be a common way for creators to extend their life-cycle and build new revenue streams.
  • I’ll Take Manhattan! Creators have great power. Sometimes more than they think. Popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat discovered that Friday when he threw an impromptu meet up in New York City that spiraled out of control. 65 people were arrested and Cenat now faces riot incitement charges. Lots of take-aways, including the need to coordinate with local safety teams in advance, crowd control and scenario planning, and security just in case anything goes wrong.
  • Tubular Data Reveals What/When/Where to Post: Tubular Labs has access to an immense amount of data, and they just released a trends report with key insight sourced from 2023 data. Samples include:
    • 1 to 3 minutes is the ideal length on TikTok
    • Food and Drink videos deliver the highest views on Shorts
    • Old music hits get new life on TikTok.
    • News posted at night works better than during the day.
    • Cooking, Cleaning and Organizing videos are driving increasing product sales on TikTok.
  • Now’s the Time to Build: Although not creator related, self-driving taxis are a textbook instantiation of the hype cycle. Hot in the early 2010s, dead by the end of the decade, Waymo and Cruise are advancing up the slope of enlightenment. Soon they will be ubiquitous. Creator Economy startups take notice – if you survive, great times await.

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LIMERICK OF THE WEEK – in honor of virtual Kwebblekop.

There once was a YouTuber quite grand,
Whose fame spread all ‘round the land.
With millions of fans,
He devised clever plans,
To become an AI virtual brand.

With algorithms and mad coding skills,
He transformed into pixels and thrills.
Speaking digital sound,
While facial pixels abound,
He thrilled all with his virtual chills.

From YouTuber to AI he flew,
His fans’ admiration still grew.
With each line of code,
He chose to upload,
A virtual shooting-star erupted anew.

Now he’s become a cyborg sensation,
Captivating a whole generation.
Not flesh and bone,
But very well-known,
In the realms of AI innovation.

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