Jim Louderback

August 24, 2008

The 21st Century Version of Walt Disney’s Frozen Head

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So I’m going through all my email after vacation (as anyone who tried to email me knows, I like to at least partly unplug during vacations), and ran across a doozy.

Apparently we now have an ability to “Leave Your Mark. Save Humanity”, through “Operation Immortality”. Basically it’s an opportunity to upload and store a sequence of your DNA and shoot it off into the stars (or at least the International Space Station). The person who emailed me (who will remain anonymous), was inviting one of my co-workers to be included in this chance to send a “message to the universe”.

So if, say, we blow ourselves to pieces because we can’t agree on which god is the right one, then some future race of super beings is going to find us, and clone us from this stored DNA.

Right. Let’s imagine all the things that have to go right for this to happen after we destroy the earth.

1: Aliens have to find the DNA
2: They will have to have some sort of “reader” that will read whatever the DNA sequence is stored on (the person emailing me wanted the DNA delivered on a USB stick – what if the aliens opted for the “Firewire” fork instead?).
3: The aliens will need to be dumb enough to clone back a race that managed to obliterate itself because it couldn’t agree to disagree.

Yup, it’s the 21st century version of cryogenics. Now I know the real business model for 23 and me!


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