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  • Crypto Punks Go Hollywood September 15, 2021
    The CryptoPunks are going Hollywood. - The red-hot NFT crypto-art project from Larva Labs has signed with United Talent Agency for representation across film, TV, video games, publishing, and licensing. UTA will also represent Meebits and Autoglyphs, two other crypto-art projects created by Larva Labs. The Power of Protest - Can Twitch Streamers Taking […]
  • A Mercenary, a Barbarian and a Thumbnail walk into a Room…. August 30, 2021
    YouTube Killing Off the Thumbnail: If you’re a YouTuber, you’ve likely stressed over the perfect thumbnail for your video. Consultants, A/B testing tools, and even sessions at VidCon have helped countless creators optimize for clickability. But it looks like the thumbnail is being upstaged –– at least in search –– by auto-generated chapters and time-stamped […]
  • Creator Products Take Center Stage at Discord, LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube August 20, 2021
    As creator economy startups multiply like rabbits, the bigger platforms are getting into the game by upping their product chops. First up, LinkedIn. I love distributing this newsletter there, but their creator-first products are lame. Clearly LinkedIn knows that as well, since it just bought tutorial video app Jumprope and plans to convert CEO Jake […]
  • Episode 12 - Streaming and VRing all day and all night! August 10, 2021
    Facebook will spend a lot on VR and AR - Livestreaming takes off - is it QVC all over again -  Livestream shopping on social media shows potential in the US — Quartz ( Identity and anonymity - good or bad?  - NEWS HITS: TikTok becoming LinkedIn, Twitter Vocal Effects, Pinterst leaning into […]
  • Episode 11 - Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more July 31, 2021
    Is Instagram Censoring us? - One YouTube subscriber = 25 TikTok subscribers according to new financial services firm YouTube releases Tip Jar - or did they update one from 7 years ago?  YouTube Intros Super Thanks, Tip-Jar Feature for Creator Channels - Variety Facebook is finally a media company - Is music […]
  • Episode 10 - Paying Creators and why YouTube Still Leads by a "Country Mile" July 27, 2021
    Why Can’t Other Platforms Pay Creators Like YouTube? VidCon founder Hank Green’s latest rant on TikTok shows – yet again – that YouTube dominates in compensating creators. In 2020 Big Red paid out about 50% of its $19 Billion in revenue to creators. Hank also notes that even though TikTok trumpets its billion-dollar creator largesse, […]
  • Episode 9 - TikTok Jump, Unpacking Avatars and the Changing Power Equation in Hollywood July 1, 2021
    TIKTOK's NEW JUMP FEATURE Rebuilds the Internet Inside TikTok: Now developers can connect third party tools like messaging apps, shopping, cooking, news sites (and others) directly into TikTok. This means you could watch a video, Whatsapp your friends about it, share it on Discord, book a trip to where the video was produced, view the […]
  • Math Is Hard, A Field Guide to GenZ, Facebook Would be King June 27, 2021
    MATH IS HARD: Today, we live in a world where 24.3% of Instagram’s 1 billion monthly active users have over 100,000 followers, and close to 5 million accounts have over 1 million followers." OK, think about it.  Do you really believe that a quarter of all instagrammers have 100k or more followers?  A little math […]
  • Episode 7: Bickering Beekeepers, Hashtags, BYOC, Instagram Giveaways, CJ So Cool! June 9, 2021
    This Week:  Bickering Beekeepers and Marky Mark Trail, Hashtags Are Cool Again, BYOC, Politics on TikTok, Instagram Giveaways, CJ So Cool! Details and Links: Life Imitates Art Imitating Life: A few months ago, I pointed you to the wholesome TikTok beekeeper @TexasBeeWorks. But she’s now embroiled in a beekeeper battle with @lahoneybeerescue  who calls her […]
  • Episode 6: Is There a Real Kingmaker at TikTok - and did Facebook Drop the Ball on Dropping Likes? June 3, 2021
    This week Cassie and Jim discuss whether Facebook and Instagram dropped the ball on dropping Likes, a look at whether TikTok really is focused on promoting blandness (and hit singles) and we handicap the latest darling app Poparazzi.