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  • Episode 7: Bickering Beekeepers, Hashtags, BYOC, Instagram Giveaways, CJ So Cool! June 9, 2021
    This Week:  Bickering Beekeepers and Marky Mark Trail, Hashtags Are Cool Again, BYOC, Politics on TikTok, Instagram Giveaways, CJ So Cool! Details and Links: Life Imitates Art Imitating Life: A few months ago, I pointed you to the wholesome TikTok beekeeper @TexasBeeWorks. But she’s now embroiled in a beekeeper battle with @lahoneybeerescue  who calls her […]
  • Episode 6: Is There a Real Kingmaker at TikTok - and did Facebook Drop the Ball on Dropping Likes? June 3, 2021
    This week Cassie and Jim discuss whether Facebook and Instagram dropped the ball on dropping Likes, a look at whether TikTok really is focused on promoting blandness (and hit singles) and we handicap the latest darling app Poparazzi.
  • Episode 5: Is This Thing On? - Google's Telepresence Will Change the World May 27, 2021
    Google's Cutting Edge Telepresence Twitch Adds New Hashtags..  FINALLY! New startup FAVE Empowers Superfans WILDFANG comes to Nordys Gucci comes to Roblox Twitter, Zoom, Discord, Spotify and Facebook are selling tickets to events Poised will make you better at Zoom Lovingly recorded on FiresideChat
  • Episode 4: Just Because It’s Vertical and Short Doesn’t Make it TikTok. Plus Apple Giveth – and Taketh Away May 19, 2021
    YouTube Launches Shorts Fund: Big Red is ramping up the “compete with TikTok” game with a $100M fund for creators. Payouts will be determined by engagement and views, rather than ad revenue – and you don’t even need to be an official “partner” to win! But it’ll take a lot more than cash to dethrone […]
  • Inside the Creator Economy - Web3 and more! May 12, 2021
    The Epic Web3 Transition Changes Everything: If you read just one thing this week, make it Rex Woodbury's piece on Web3, creators and the metaverse. We're in the middle of a transition from Web 2.0, ruled by platforms and middlemen to Web3 - which is about direct creator to community transactions. Rex describes Web3 perfectly, […]
  • Inside the Creator Economy Episode 2 May 7, 2021
    Stories this week and more!  Plus a tip of the week from Derral Eves Super League Disaster is Another Win For Community-First Media: If you’re not a (European) football fan, you may have missed the latest scandal roiling the sport world. Rich and absent owners attempted to co-opt the community tradition of “football clubs” associated […]