My Favorite Tech From IFA


So I went to the Berlin IFA show – called by some the European CES, to see what I could see.  We did a bunch of videos from there – you can see them at  But here are some of the other things I saw that were particularly interesting.

ifa berlin 2011 136
I was really happy to see Revision3 represented int the LG Smart TV booth, you can see our logo down in the center of the picture. I hope they sell a ton of those TVs.

ifa berlin 2011 123
Here’s something I’ve been waiting for for a long time – it’s a window cleaning robot.  It works via magnets, and can do six large windows on one charge.  I do not know how much it will cost, but the Chinese company showing it off said it would be at CES this January.

ifa berlin 2011 124_edited-1
Here’s a picture of it taken apart, it’s called the “Winbot”
TIPI in Berlin_edited-2 They call this the Tipi, it’s where the big Medienwoche gala was held.  My friend’s company rolled out BitBop at the show, and their upstairs bar – by the globe on the right – was the “in” spot to hang out.
sony tablet P I didn’t think I’d like Sony’s new clamshell Android tablet the Tablet P.  But after playing with it for a few minutes, I changed my mind.  It’s pretty cool to use, a great form factor, and depending on the price, I could definitely see picking one up.
ifa berlin 2011 013_edited Looks like Heineken has a new business line they’re working on.
ifa berlin 2011 001_edited-1 It was great to see Cali Lewis from GeekBeatTV, Jon Rettinger from TechnoBuffalo and Mark Watson from SoldierKnowsBest doing a live stream from Berlin at the show via YouTube Live.  Too bad YouTube live doesn’t actually transmit TO Germany.  That made the production a bit more challenging.

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