Lenovo’s Practical and Useful Side Shines


Much of what the guys at Lenovo showed me was under NDA, but I was impressed by both their new designs, and the cool new discrete graphics options in their superb T line of notebooks.  I’m a big fan of the T400s I run around with, but I have to say that their new line could just get me to switch.

Here’s what’s cool – you can actually run four separate displays from one notebook, with their new notebook dock.  That’s an impressive feat for a notebook, and one that should have video editors, brokers and other information-hungry users salivating.

But Lenovo’s reimagining of the lowly power adapter got me the most excited (at least most excited about something I can talk about).  They’ve realized that most everything these days that we carry around is USB powered, so they’ve added a USB hub – and USB charging ports – into a new $75 power brick.  Called The Power Hub, it’s simple, unsexy, but like a tub of soft-serve ice cream on a sweltering day, oh-so-desirable.

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