How Many Kids REALLY Want to be Creators – or Are Creators Dead, plus new Dall.E-2 competitors you can use today

September 6, 2022: Here’s what’s new and what caught my eye last week

DreamStudio – “A YouTube baby influencer filming a video trending on ArtStation”​

New Research Shows GenZ Wants to be Influencers: A new study from SEO optimization company HigherVisibility purports to show that more than a third of 16-25 year olds in the US want to be influencers, and more than a quarter trust influencer product reviews over user-reviews on product pages. But there are some caveats. London-based Censuswide – an expert in panel-based research – canvassed 1,000 16-25 year-olds. Panels are great but directional not projectible. In addition, even though the research was done in late July, the data on “influencers” in the report is very out of date. For example, Mr Beast is highlighted as a favorite creator with 60M subs – a milestone he reached in mid-2021 (he’s at nearly 200M across all channels today) – an error that makes me question the accuracy of the whole thing.

Even Little Kids Want to be Creators (but beware outdated data): And in a related story, Rebecca Jennings of Vox wrote an interesting piece about how even little kids want to be creators – something I saw play out at VidCon over the past few years too. It’s a good read, although the two studies Jennings cited were more than three years old. I don’t doubt the jist of the story, but I would like to see a statistically projectible study on how kids today feel about becoming a creator.

Creators are Dead, it’s all about NIMCELs and the Trusted Mid-Tier: But perhaps there’s not really much of a creator business to aspire to. Taylor Lorenz explores a new type of creator, the “Niche Internet Micro CELebrity”, who desires neither fame nor fortune. Venture Beat says the real opportunity for marketers are mid-tier creators with deep communities built on trust, not fame. Vogue Business is more direct, declaring that “The era of celebrity influencers is over”. Li Jin piles on, saying that fans are the new creators. Or maybe it’s all just going to the dogs. And cats. And ferrets.

BeReal – Next Big Platform or Next Big Flameout: The content format is unique, but the network is not. That’s what Nathan Baschez argues in his latest analysis. Instagram is rapidly trying to copy their format and expose it to its much larger network, which may spell doom for the upstart. However, it looks like brands are already starting to embrace BeReal, which could let the company grow into its latest valuation. And the platform just passed 10M DAUs. Brendan Gahan explains why brands are jumping in now and whether it’s a good idea in the long run.

The Era of AI Generative Art is Here: You no longer have to wait until the bouncers at Dall.E-2 let you into the club. Now you can play with open source Stable Diffusion and MidJourney to create fantastic art yourself. This story compares all three and helps you decide which to pursue. Wonder why I’m so excited about these tools? Because they will change how we create visual content in transformative and exciting ways. But it’s not just art, it’s a whole breakthrough in how AI will change our world – not with robots but with helping friendly tools.



Tip of the Week: 25 of them, actually, from an early Clubhouse employee focused on building community-first products, go-to-market strategies and more.


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