Awkward Crypto Manifestos, TikTok Launches Subs, friends and maybe games, Mr. Beast Goes to VidCon, When AI Researchers Battle, You Win!

05-31-2022: Here’s what’s new and what caught my eye this week:


  • Paid TikTok Subscriptions Now Live: Yay! More ways for creators to make money. Double T just launched “Live Subscription” to a select, invite only group. Paid subscribers get access to private chats, custom emotes, badges and more. For now the program is limited, and we don’t know Double T’s rake or how the program will expand. It’s (more than) a bit Twitch-like, but anything that puts more money in creators’ pockets is a good thing.


  • Awkward Crypto Manifestos, TikTok Launches Subs, friends and maybe games, Mr. Beast Goes to VidCon, When AI Researchers Battle, You Win!TikTok Adds Friends Tab: Social networks need more selectable algorithms. Like the choose your own adventure games, these let you direct your path through the avalanche of content. I like TikTok’s new “Friends” tab, as it helps me keep up with the creators I really care about. For example, I discovered one old friend got Botox (looking good VB) and discovered two VidCon employees mad midnight dash to Coachella – both of which I missed back when they posted. Also liking Instagram’s “Following” vs. “Favorites” option and Twitter’s latest vs. top tweets too. But we need more – let a hundred algorithms bloom! In more Double-T news, they’re adding gaming to the mix. Could “TikVille” and “TokCrush” be coming soon?



  • VidCon Spotlight: Learn from MrBeast (AKA Jimmy Donaldson)! He’s coming to VidCon and will share secrets about how he built a huge content empire while changing the nature of entertainment itself. He’ll also explore how to turn content into side hustles that can grow bigger than the programs and channels themselves! Don’t miss this talk; buy tickets today! He’s also doing a bunch of very “Mr. Beast” stuff while he’s there. So fun and insight too!






Tip of the Week: My tip of the week is for YOU to attend VidCon in Anaheim in late June. Here’s yet another reason – we’re bringing 12 under the radar creator economy startups to demo what they’re building and share with you their vision directly. Our Innovation Showcase spotlights the platforms, social networks, tools and services that will define the industry over the next ten years. And as a bonus you get to see me and the top virtual Twitch streamer – Code Miko – talk about how new technologies are poised to revolutionize the future of virtual / avatar based creators. Tickets. Now. Buy.


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