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Jim Louderback has more than 20 years of media and technology experience across print, radio, television, web, social and online video - along with deep technology expertise and startup and venture investing expertise.

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One Thought on “Louderback Group Home”

  • Hello, Mr. Louderback,
    This is Carolyn Stanley, a retired English teacher (1969-1978) and later computer technology integration specialist (1998-2012).
    I have cut out a lot of articles and recipes in my 73 years, and I’m trying to weed and toss. I recently came across an article by you in USA Weekend from June 15-17, 2001. Your son was two at the time, and I have a grandson who just turned two.
    I was interested to find out how he is doing at, what? 21?
    Do you still believe in the power of multitasking?
    It’s efficacy has been brought into question, although it is possible, to some extent.
    Is your son enjoying a career in technology?
    My youngest, the father of my 2 year old grandson, has always been good with technology, although he, like his mom, learned it mainly seat-of-pants. He’s now teaching graphic design and screen and other printing. That’s hard when they have gone to remote learning again, and kids can’t get to the machines. Sigh!
    Anyway, my little guy amazes me. He sounds much like the way you described your son. He loves buttons and controllers.
    I don’t know where we are headed in this tumultuous world fraught with worry about politics and the pandemic. I just know he makes every day I’m granted a day of joy and amazement.
    I’d love to hear from you if you ever get a moment
    Carolyn Stanley

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