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Jim Louderback has more than 20 years of media and technology experience across print, radio, television, web, social and online video - along with deep technology expertise and startup and venture investing expertise.

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2 Thoughts on “Louderback Group Home”

  • Hello Jim

    Wondering about VidCon 2023 and how I can propose some Panel discussions around MR/.VR/AR – A growing area. Could be in an advertising context or gaming, production. I am on a VRARA committee and work with several MR companies.

    I attended this year with Underknown and thought the conference was good thought less attended than in 2019.



  • The question is when the production in a contextual social affairs setting will you be the whole self of you.

    IQ, EQ, SQ, Brainlengths, Personality of Astrology, Numerology, MBTI/Enneagram, Mental Illness, Brainstem, Electronical Reading DATA, Speaking,

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